Me Time with Gideon: Ghostly Pale Powders

Hello, live ones!

My name is Gideon LePhague, pronounced Le-Phagoo, like Mr Magoo!
I love a bit of pampering and preening when I gift myself an hour or two away from my sewing and crafting stations, as I feel adequate “ME TIME” is necessary in maintaining good mental and physical health.

We all need a little space away from the day to day hubbub where we can relax, refresh, reinvigorate and recharge our batteries. For me, it isn’t just about regular massages, meditation and lengthy yoga sessions, as time constraints don’t allow this every day for many people. It is also about reading before bed, sitting down with a nice cup of tea, the escape of a good morning shower with gorgeous soaps, full body moisturizing, cooking a beautiful meal from scratch, a walk in the park at lunchtime, a really good coffee in the afternoon, getting off the bus early to stroll the last few stops home leisurely, a ten-minute check on your habitats in Dragon City…

It’s about grabbing those little moments to take care of yourself, and the words of my fave RuPaul – if you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love someone else?!

I can get crabby without my me time, and find that one of my favourite things to fit in on a hectic morning is escaping to a secluded corner of my bedroom with my make-up for a short while…where I can focus on deep breathing, and getting myself ready to face the day. My makeup isn’t merely superficial and unnecessary painting, it is my morning ritual of happiness, helping me feel the best and happiest I can.

Being a ghost, it can be hard to find an adequately pale face powder to puff and buff onto my alabaster complexion, but luckily, I can just float right over to Spookerdrug and pick up my indispensable “Death Not Warmed Up” loose powder from Cremation 2000. It really is fantastic. You pale humans would LOVE it.

But, alas, you pale humans, goths and occasional vampires have to struggle with a Russian Roulette of flesh coloured pots and palettes. FEAR NOT! For, I Gideon LePhague, have investigated some great finds! From high-end luxuries to pharmacy bargains, here are the results…

Illamasqua Loose Powder in 010
Oh my ghosts! This is FABULOUS. So pale and ghostly. Sets EVERYTHING beautifully. I can’t rave enough about this. My number one luxury buy. Their makeup is amazing. Honestly, go check out the full rainbow of colours!

Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Powder in White
This really is the closest thing to Gideonic Skin you can buy in a compact whilst alive. Smooth, silky and lovely. The mirror is a bonus, but useless for vampires, obviously.
Nars Light Reflecting Loose Powder
This leaves no trace of colour at all, and gives a gorgeous finish, smoothing out any small lines or wrinkles you may have. Even though wrinkles are beautiful and should not be feared. Age equals experience, people.
FD_07_T22_2514_TU_X_EC_0Marks and Spencer Autograph Invisible Finish Loose Powder
Like a half price version of the Nars powder above, this stuff is amazing. So light and airy, it seems impossible to overdo it with this. It’s not available in all stores, however, so be sure to head online.

Collection 2000 Pressed Powder in Ivory
No frills, no puff included, but whether applied with a big soft swirly brush or washable sponge of your own, this gives a lovely pale finish. I also like to add another layer sometimes for that vintage “properly powdered” look. Such a bargain.
Eyes Lips Face Studio High Definition Powder in Sheer
Giving a flawless, soft focus finish, this also comes in a pressed compact version for touch ups on the go. I have both. The whole Eyes Lips Face range is full of great buys. I did look a little extra white in flash photos, but where’s the negative in that?
MUA Skin Define Hydro Powder with Vitamin E and Jojoba
Wow. For the price, this stuff is FABULOUS. Non-cakey and non-drying, I can’t believe how good my complexion looked. My skin felt soft and comfortable all day. Great for on the go touch ups. Again, you’ll need your own sponge, puff or brush.
StarGazer Loose Powder in White
I absolutely adore Stargazer eyeshadows, lashes and lipsticks…but for me, this powder should be approached with caution unless you have extremely perfect skin. Overdo it by the slightest tap of the brush and it becomes instant clown makeup, reminiscent of that time Gambol decided he would treat me to a makeover…
…I was not massively impressed. Perhaps my skin is too oily. Regardless, I will perhaps stick to their Natural Shimmer version instead, which is very good.

I hope you’ve found my writings useful in some way.
I’m off to have a sit down with some chamomile tea and have a look at my latest ghost celebrity magazines. I can’t WAIT to see the photos from Prince’s Welcome Party!


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