The Young Leith Ghost Team -Edinburgh spectres about town, spreading phantasmagorical fun and semi informative mini-zines around the establishments of Leith…have you spotted any yet?
Having difficulty locating them? Get in touch via the contact page for “Cheat Codes”.
Random, unrelated illustrations and many oddbod blogs may also appear here from time to time.
A gentleman ghost.
A mystical, magician ghost.
A flamboyant, huffy ghost.
A food-obsessed, hungry ghost.
A crab-wrangling hobo ghost,
And a small, strange, feral ghost.

Upon moving to Leith some time around 2012, a band of four roving spectres fell in love with the area and decided they would need to be dragged kicking and screaming if they ever had to leave.

Making friends with a hobo-ghost they encountered on a trip to Portobello, and finding a small, strange, feral ghost in the cupboard of their new flat, the good-natured gang of buddies have grown in number and can now be seen haunting several locations around town…

They have managed to set up a Facebook page, and a Twitter account – @TheYLGT



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